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The short-fated love 🥀

Do you remember

The first time we met back in December?

You felt like heaven’s wine

Still can’t forget in your eyes that sunshine

Even came for you to Palestine

Poor me, I thought you’d be no one else’s except mine

It’s ok if you saw me as a part time entertainment I mean it’s fine

But remember that from this day forth my heart shall never be thine!

Maybe I was for you a mere playground

But it was only me who in your thoughts was immensely drowned.

When you shall not find me around

Only then shall you have my love found

Oh I think I was getting better

But I can’t forget having written you sweet romantic letters & sending comfy winter sweaters

Why did it have to be like this

Didn’t you call me your “eternal bliss”?

And now whenever someone else gets a little too close

I always remember the first time I shyly gifted you a rose

But it can’t stay like this forever

Because I realized I’m done with all your shows

And remember this

When you’ll not find the same amount of love from your punky Chris

Will be the day when my presence you will so heavily & cryingly miss

Do not then curse your fate

Because it’s you who wanted to seperate

You were blessed with the love of a poet

But where else other than trash did you throw it

It felt so real

That ever after I can’t so easily heal

But there’ll be someone better

Who will always ask me to get & never forget her

A gift from The Lord Divine

She will be my heavenly sunshine

Who will proudly carry on my bloodline

And someone who I can call eternally mine

Never forget 👇

You will never find such a fighter

Like the love of a soulful writer


Written by: The Aphotic Poet (Amir).

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