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The most rewarding part of Amir's English Tutoring are the happy reviews I receive from our students. If you’re wondering what it’s like to be in one of my courses, take a look at some of the testimonials below.

"Warm-hearted personality and a close friend of mine, with excellent communication and extensive knowledge of English."

Youssef Alioua

"I absolutely love the quality of lessons given, this teacher pours heart and soul into dedicated quality teaching, definitely would recommend to serious students"

Elmira Gardashbayova

"A passionate instructor with affordable, definitely a recommend!"

Esraa Nasser

"Thanks very much for everything;really well done-learnt a lot. Amer is passionate about teaching English.

He made learning English really interesting and enjoyable."

Hanane Hamchouch 

"Highly experienced accent expert who is constantly attentive to the student’s pronunciation

during the sessions and committed to assist the student to correct and improve it."


"I met Amir through our common interest in language, and have enjoyed getting to know him since. He is a man who is serious about his craft. It's likely that Amir has greater mastery over the English language than I do, and I've been speaking it my whole life. Whether it's vocabulary, grammar, writing, pronunciation, or accent skills you're looking to build in English, Amir is well qualified to aid your learning.

As a hobbyist language scholar, I know how difficult it can be to become proficient in a language. It is clear to me that Amir has put in the necessary work, and will do an outstanding job in guiding others who are eager to acquire ability in English communication.

Two thumbs up. Ten of Ten. Cien por ciento 100%."

Dorian Archer 

"I remember when first joining HT I was so disappointed because it seemed a waste of time until I joined brother Amir's group, I was amazed by Amir's dedication and his commitment to the group despite the fact that everything that he provided us was totally for free!

And in addition to his fluent English and his wonderful accents " which are super impressive Ma shaa Allah"

Brother Amir is also great teacher, his lessons are engaging and he puts a lot of thought into how he presents the material, I've learned from him more than I ever did from any other native speaker!, Thank you for ur time, efforts, and support brother Amir, I admire ur passion and ur dedication to ur work which apparently u love so much. May Allah make it easy for u."

Halima Alashel

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