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Hello everyone!, it's Amir here.

I am an English instructor as well as an accent specialist, I can speak 16 accents including 4 native ones.

I've passionately taught English for 7 years both in groups and one-to-one interactions.

I've ensured progression in thousands of students of all levels from across the globe.

I can effectively coordinate 100-200 students altogether in online classrooms and group calls at any given time.

I’m also a self taught poet, with more than 40 poems composed so far.

I’ve always adored writing stories since an early childhood and was also nominated as the first position in a story writing contest from amongst all other higher classes back in high school.

My goal is to instill the essence of learning in the hearts of my students to drastically ease their journey.

I’ve also delivered many inspirational, motivational, religious and philanthropic speeches.

I’ve had an honor of teaching 10,000+ students from around the world.

Thanks for reading :)

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